Fall Collection Bundle
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Fall Collection Bundle
This product is available.
Fall Collection Bundle
This product is available.
Fall Collection Bundle
This product is available.
Pacific Candle Co.

Fall Collection Bundle

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Hand poured 100% Soy Candles

This Fall Collection Bundle includes 4 total candles, 1 each of Apples + Maple Bourbon, Cinnamon Roll, Orange + Peppercorn and Pumpkin Spice! See below for more information on each of the scent descriptions.

Apples + Maple Bourbon:
This yummy, boozy candle starts with top notes of apple, cinnamon, and a hint of orange. Bourbon and butter are the heart of this candle, while rich, sweet maple and vanilla finish off this irresistible baked apple dessert.

Note Profile:

Top: Apple, Cinnamon, Orange
Middle: Bourbon, Butter, Coconut
Base: Maple, Vanilla

Cinnamon Roll:

A mouthwatering combination of cinnamon and sweet vanilla.

Note Profile:
Top: Cinnamon, Clove
Middle: Cream
Base: Vanilla

Orange + Peppercorn:

An intriguing candle filled with a blend of juicy citrus and fresh cracked peppercorn make this the perfect zesty holiday candle.

Note Profile:
Top: Orange Peel, Peppercorn
Middle: Apple, Mandarin
Base: Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Pumpkin Spice:

A mouthwatering combination of brown sugar, molasses and spices, this candle is bursting with fresh pumpkin.

Note Profile:
Top: Ginger, Allspice, Cinnamon
Middle: Pumpkin, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg
Base: Clove, Molasses, Vanilla


Each candle is hand-poured soy candle in an 8 oz. glass tumbler jar. These candles are 3.4 inches tall and 3.2 inches in diameter & burns for 50+ hours.

Each Pacific Candle Co. candle is handcrafted and poured in small batches from soy wax derived from 100% American grown soybeans. Variations in color are completely normal and to be expected.

We use cotton braided wicks that are lead & zinc free, creating a clean, environmentally friendly burn.

Our candles are always made with premium grade fragrance/essential oils and are always free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance.

Frosting and spotting may occur due to temperature changes in transit. Because we can't control Mother Nature, we are unable to replace candles that have frosting or spotting.

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